Leyoung, Let your natural beauty shine. For your smoothest skin,for your sincerely smile. Leyoung manufactured skin care and oral care devices.


1975 — Factory Begins

This is the year it all started and the mastermind behind the iconic rise of Leyoung was born on March 02, 1975

2004 — Store Launches

This was a big year for us! Our factory was officially up & running.

2007 — 1st At-home Beauty Device

The first product we designed that was focused woman skin care.

2009 — 1st LED Light Therapy Product Launches

Our killer all-in-one LED Light Therapy skin care product makes its debut!

2012 — Keep on Growing

Our R&D teams up to 20 peoples,and our manufacturing base covers an area of 25,000 square meters.

2016 — 1st Electronic toothbrush

For a confident smile, a powerful yet affordable Electronic toothbrush is a much.

2017 — Leyoung Brand Registered

15 years of design and manufacturing experience, we need a brand to gain more fellows and a sweet place for our community all around the world.

2019 — To be continued...